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About Paper Cranes for Hope.

All my life, I have been driven by a strong desire to help and spread joy. I prefer to stay on the lighter side of life, offering compassion when in more complex situations, see things differently for my own mental and emotional well-being. There is something about flowing with life that is so fulfilling!

As a child, I struggled with asthma, being diagnosed at the age of 2, and being in and out of hospital over a span of 5 years, spending a lot of time alone in oxygen tents, watching the world through a blur, and nearly dying on a couple of occasions.


My formative years were spent in an unconventional way, and I processed things differently. Human contact became so valuable to me!


My name is

Growing up, I spent a lot of time trying to hide that I was “different”. I couldn’t really do anything that physically taxing like running long durations, stress could trigger an episode (probably the biggest influencer leading to an asthma attack), and even laughter would trigger breathing issues. And, I haven’t fully recovered from it, still having asthma attacks to this day, and navigating them in my own way. I find that taking the pharmaceuticals make me feel too weird, so I can’t follow what the doctor orders, instead managing it the way that feels best to me. I can’t complain. Being peaceful and stress-free are my greatest helpers. I also held a belief for many years that I wouldn’t really be able to “do anything” other than read books and live in my imagination. I believed that was it for me. Life had other plans, and I still consider it a miracle that I get to have this breath, and the one following.


I learned to fold origami in my later 20s while in a physically violent relationship. Once I got the knack, I started making mobiles and giving them away, and my greatest piece was a mobile of 1000 cranes, a gift to a friend’s baby (giving him the wish that the legend of 1000 cranes offers). Eventually, my craft evolved to making a chain with just one crane, beads and a charm as a symbolic reminder. These developed while I was navigating yet another domestic situation, enduring the family justice system and needing to occupy my mind, heart and hands with something other than paperwork. I gave majority away to those in need because the joy it would bring helped heal me a little more - far better to focus on bringing someone else up when I was stuck in the mud!!


My goal with my cranes and origami creations are to help connect us - to ourselves and our joy, as well as with others. When I made the mobile of 1000 cranes, I cried - this amazing project was so powerfully poignant - it took me 7 months to put together. But even more than that, it represented community to me - each crane was different, but each one was important to the overall piece. I felt immense gratitude for all of humanity, my inspiration, past, present and future, for all the minds and hands that made this creation possible. I could not take all the credit - it required everyone, and the connection of everyone, to accomplish.


I’m inspired to help primarily women fleeing domestic situations by creating a supportive foundation, with my cranes and other creations at the helm. After experiencing what I did and hearing the stories of many women losing their children, livelihoods and homes, I intend on creating a safe, supportive space so that women have access to resources needed in a time of immense upheaval.

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