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Burning Eyes

Today, my eyes are burning. They were burning since last night.

The smoke from surrounding fires in BC is hazy in the air. Ash is raining down upon our little town of 100 Mile House and the area. The predicted thunderstorms are happening, but no rain is accompanying them yet.

Looking out at the sky, I have a quiver of fear in my belly. People are already talking about evacuating, their PTSD from the 2017 evacuations triggered. Perhaps it is time to get my ready bag ready.

And yet, I am still peaceful. I have a corner of my house carved out, the fan blowing on me keeping me cool because the air temperature is too hot for comfort; I’m surrounded by my cranes, my children, some good music, and some sacred geometry image on a fabric that I strung up to block the sun (it was literally “cooking” my electronics).

The thunder booms again. I choose to remain unphased.

Severe weather warning. I choose to remain unphased.

Uncertainty abound. Keeping the peace. If there was ever a time to be present, it is now. The path will lay itself before me.

Creator tells me that all is as perfectly as it should be. Even if it appears awful and frightening. Even if it appears uncertain. I continue to see everything as though miraculous. Only attachments to my expectations of what I believe should be would rattle my inner peace. Instead, I become the observer.

And as I become the observer, the beauty shows itself. Lines become a little sharper. Love becomes a little more meaningful. Right now is all we have. And that’s a beautiful thing.

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