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Ebb and Flow of Grief

The Ebb and Flow of Grief

Often, we try to deny parts of ourselves so that we can appear acceptable. It’s impossible to completely avoid conditioning by our families, communities, and systems, and majority of those systems are archaic and outdated, mainly focused on suppressing things that need to come out in preference of, well, usually survival.

At one point in history, it may have been vitally important not to cry or yell and scream because you could have been food for a predator, or caught by someone that saw you as lesser than because someone else told them so and they believed it.

But now what has happened to the repression of pain and suffering, grief and sadness, anger and rage is causing a major imbalance - we are seeing the fallout of it in nature, mental and emotional health, and the crumbling of systems that held power for hundreds and maybe even thousands of years.

And it’s all ok. Perfectly as it needs to happen. We needed to learn what we were not in order to learn what we are.

And so, I wanted to talk about grief today. There is a lot to grieve, whether within our relationships with ourselves, with external relationships, or with what is happening on our planet. The veil is thinning. If there is a time to feel things on a deep level, now is the time.

My son, Thayus, inspired me to explore this topic, as he grieves a lot of the things he expected for his own life that haven’t worked out as imagined.

Talking with him, I was reminded that grief ebbs and flows. It will never fully go away, it just won’t always be at the forefront. And the feelings that come up need to be felt in their fullness, what needs to come out needs to be expressed and released, they can rest, and then come back again. And each time, it creates a sort of cleanse.

If you are going through any kind of grief - be it loss of a loved one, loss of a part of self, relationships or events not working out as planned, or any other reasons to experience this important emotion - I hope that you that you don’t have to experience it alone. I’m here and would be honored to support you navigating your process if you need it.

…and also, I can make a paper crane for that as a reminder to feel your feelings and that you are safe in the power that they emit.

If you are willing, please share the kinds of things that cause you grief, and how you process and explore your feelings. Your healing is the healing of all.

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