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Einstein Said it Best

It's easy to be on "auto-pilot" - there is so much that can affect us - and for good reason: we are meant to continually evolve and grow, expand, become the best version of ourselves in any given moment. However, most of us don't get to process most of the influences that have shaped us along the way. And then out comes the "auto-pilot", where we're just sort of living...though not fully "alive". We don't even realize we're unconsciously perceiving something a way that is harmful to our own beings.

Have you ever had a moment when you wish an experience would just stop, and it doesn't stop, and you're basically caught between a rock and a hard place? It does cause growth, it has to - the crushing sensation of being "stuck" in any situation forces this immense push - as though a seed sprouting, or a plant breaking through asphalt - to occur. You either evolve well and come out stronger or you get broken by the experience...and it's all based on your perception.


How can this be what separates those that seem to have water rolling off their duck feathers and those that just carry something internally and have it manifest as something - whether it be depression, or a physical ailment, or a feeling of being a victim of reality (or all of the above) - how could it be so simple as to come down to perception?

Well, as taught in The Course in Miracles - we are co-creating with our Creator. What kind of experience do you want to have? Did you know that you could choose this, or did you believe, like so many, that you are subjected to whatever the Universe throws your way and that's that?

Anyways, Einstein said it best:

The choice is yours. Life is either a Miracle...or not. Which way of perception feels good to you?

I can tell you that I perceive everything as a Miracle. Because, as I always say, "Do you know what it took to get you here?" It's easy to take for granted when people show up because we had an "appointment" or that we have a home that we live in day in and day out, or a car that we can hop in and drive around...and I find that everything aligning so perfectly, against all odds, and unfolding in divine perfection - even if scary as all get out - is absolutely miraculous. It can be no other way. (Later, we'll talk about multiple timelines, but for now, as you show up in this moment, this is whatcha get!)

How do you choose to perceive reality? I would love to hear about it.

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