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Exploring St Patrick's Day

St Patrick’s Day.

A day celebrated by many with a variety of means, usually that of getting drunk from beer dyed green.

I didn’t really know a lot about this day, except how to party, and simply that it was yet another day to party. After seeing friends’ posts about this day in question, I wanted to go exploring and so I headed off to Google Search.

Now, my friends share posts about the side of things that aren’t so readily known - that St Patrick (who’s name was actually Maewyn Succat) took care to do away with druidism and paganism and replace with Christianity. And so I tried to find clearer information about this…and I couldn’t really find specifics in that way.

Google revealed to me some other interesting stuff about Maewyn Succat - like he heard voices, he drew a circle in the Earth and a “hellmouth” appeared (a real place, people still take pilgrimage here annually), there are no snakes in Ireland (which made me think that perhaps “snake” was a metaphor for the druids and pagans, as snakes are considered an “evil” representation, and paganism and druidism were considered the same - and let’s face it, the introduction of certain religions were not done in the best of ways in our past, and bloodshed happened frequently in history), and the Shamrock is a relatively new part of the celebration, believing to have some connection to the holy trinity/cross. Oh, and originally, blue was the color representing the Irish, because of the warring with the English - green was more recently adopted. So much more was revealed, but the clarity I was seeking evaded me.

Nonetheless, no matter how much bloodshed occurred in the past because of a deep desire for power and control, we’re here now. It is important to understand what we are celebrating, and not simply accepting traditions that may or may not serve. Though I may not have had my questions answered to my satisfaction, I did learn some interesting things about this man.

If you know of any articles that would be good to read, please send them my way!

And no matter what, be true to you. Live what’s in your heart, live your truth, and keep putting one foot in front of the other. There are big things happening on the planet, in our microcosmic worlds and personal experiences, and in our macrocosmic world and global experiences. Our power is within each one of us.

To honor this day, I designed this print and created this crane. I selected images of what I felt were “opposing” aspects - a pot of elixir or potion at the end of the rainbow (a pot of gold - a pot of something healing - nothing worth more than health!); an image of a woman, gaze down, eyes closed, with antlers upon her head, encircled in green and shamrocks as this is what came in and encircled her way of life; snakes in green; a blue background and a fringe of shamrocks on the edge of the image - what prevailed?

A print for St Patrick's Day featuring a rainbow, pot of gold (elixir), druid, shamrocks, snakes and a blue background
St Patrick's Day print for a paper crane

As I worked with one particular image, I noticed the horns - and it’s no wonder those that felt the need to “save the souls” of those that wore horns upon their head in honor of Earth deities…at the time, there was such a lack of awareness, such a limited band of understanding…even if Maewyn Succat did hear the “voice of God” directing him to force his beliefs on those that weren’t interested…perhaps the “voice of God” was something else…especially if said voice directed him or others to take lives. Oh, how damaging righteousness can be. May this moment remind you to check in with yourself daily - is it kind? What would love do?

May peace and love ever prevail.

An origami paper crane featuring element from St Patrick's Day
A paper crane for St Patrick's Day

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