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A Bit Behind, but I'm Here Now!

Hi all!

I really wanted to write you some beautiful, heartfelt opening, while also wanting to share with you my goodies for Pride!! I'm all over the place. What can I say?? So, I guess this is my ice-breaker.

I love my LGBTQ+ friends (and even those that aren't my official friends, I love you too). I think about the systemic violence and hardship that humans that live their lives on their own terms get so persecuted and judged - it's messed up - it makes me wish I had a magic wand to make it all go away. It doesn't matter your creed or choice, in what manner you were born, what you discovered about yourself along the way...there is always someone that has been so messed up and brainwashed into believing that something is "wrong" with another's needs and choices.

So, after great pondering (I have a busy mind, and I get these like, amazing insights), I realize it's actually INFORMATION that separates us. Because in the moment, we know what to do and how to behave. We know. Our hearts very clearly direct the correct course of action. And then, we start thinking about it, or maybe it's our subconscious mind pulling up the hurt and lies that have been perpetuated through the ages. I don't know. The unhealed trauma is alive and well, my friends. And now you can go about healing it.

Anyways, I could ponder this all day, would love to know your thoughts and feelings about it too, please feel free to share.

So, yes, Pride! I designed some fun paper and made some just-for-Pride paper crane chains so that you can give the gift of hope and healing to yourself and your loved ones. And right now, they are 10% off for the rest of June!! Check them out in my Facebook Store. And of course, you can order something custom if you want me to design you something special.

xxoo Cecilia ooxx

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