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"Sadako" and 1000 Paper Cranes

It’s amazing how things come full circle, and how quickly they can, as well, when being present and aware.

The local Stemete7uw'i Friendship Centre put on a fun scavenger hunt to raise awareness about the residential schools and calls to action, whilst remembering the children who perished in these places. Of course, this meant that I needed to donate something, and I felt very pulled to donate the first “Every Child Matters” paper crane chain that I had made.

I was warmly welcomed, humble gratitude was expressed; my artwork and the level of gratitude expressed for what I had created…I felt so honored to be able to make something that someone would treasure, as a prize for completing the scavenger hunt.

The very next day, my son Thayus, and I went back with our orange sheets that we were to collect along the way from the correlating clues. They offered him a book, and brought the options out for him to choose from. I saw “Sadako” and my heart leapt with a kind of joy. I suggested he select that one, and he was willing to for me.

It seemed to complete things, giving a crane, receiving a book about 1000 cranes. It’s important to me because I recently was told about the book but I hadn’t yet read it, and then, there it was, right in front of me. I had read about Sadako on the internet, and now I would have a chance to read a sweet little book about her. And also share that story with Thayus.

Here is an image of my first 1000 paper crane mobile, sitting next to the book “Sadako” - and I filled the little bit of background with an image of some ripples in a pond - I feel that this is one of those poignant moments where ripples are happening!

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